6000c mag




located in Blackpool, the North West of England....

please contact me at....abuambassadeur@hotmail.co.uk   









why is there never anybody around to watch me , and say . NO !!! stop that.


nobody was here to stop me when i created probably the worlds first left hand wind penn mag reel,




so what have i gone and done now?


well, i knew the TFG 65CTM reel was similar to the abu reels, but didn't realize just how close they were.


i now have a bit of a hybrid, and we all love those right?


if it wasn't for blokes like me we wouldn't have cars that can run on both petrol and electric...


so i have modified the left hand end plate from the force 8 TFG 65ctm and attached it to a vintage 1970's ambassadeur 6000c, fitted with abu 6500ct round bar chrome cage.


now granted this is not one for the purists, in fact its best you don't tell them as they may get mad with me but i had to have a go.


so i now have this super casting reel, that has the looks of yester year, but has an easy dial knobby mag control in full working order, and not only that but the line out clicker works too...


so go on have a look and have a bid...


happy to ship worldwide as always, insured and tracked via Royal Mail...

Offered for sale £99.95 plus postage.