Many years ago now I eased myself back into sea fishing after what was probably a 20 year break.


            Times had moved on, as had the tackle available, and I soon realised an old North Western blank and a Mitchell 602AP were no longer the tackle to use, or be seen with.


            I had to get my hands on some new sea fishing gear, and with help and advice from my brother I set about purchasing new tackle. For many years my brother had relied upon Abu reels amongst others, and I knew these to be well built and fit for purpose, so I went in search of one. Not from the small ads or a tackle shop, no not for me. I turned to eBay.


            It is from here that I have since bought and sold hundreds of abu reels. The fascination started from trying to rebuild my own tackle collection and after nearly ten years I find myself drawn to buying vintage Ambassadeur reels and tackle to use myself and sell on.


            I am by no means trying to be an expert on the subject , nor do i profess to be a shop that carries lots of new parts for sale. My humble website is a place for me to share some of my vintage parts that I have collected over the years in a bid to help others maintain their older Ambassadeur reels.


            Any funds made from this are simply reinvested in more vintage parts to swop and help others.




  Of course, not all reels can be repaired ! This vintage 4 screw 5000 example came my way via eBay from a seller in Texas , it just looked fabulous complete with rod handle and oyster shell still attached.

   This reel combo was brought up from the murky depths , goodness knows how long it had been below water.

    That said the driveplate is in pretty good nick ? 



            Please feel free to contact me at my email address should you need that special part for your vintage reels, I may just have what you are looking for, or if not available I may be able to put you in touch with one of the many contacts I have made over the last ten years both here in the U.K. and with many International like minded anglers and collectors.