plugs and lures

     On my journey through the world of fishing i have been fortunate enough to make aquaintance with many like minded anglers from the U.K. Europe, and further afield across the U.S.A. and especially Japan.


One such person is James Fieldfare, a very talented person whose individual styling has created some stunning items that really stretch the imagination.



     For all you lovers of Lures and Plugs .....

A few months ago, a chance email led to me purchasing some super parts for myself. But more than this I had made a new acquaintance. Over the following months and many emails later I have been fortunate enough to add this new section to my website, and all thanks to a wonderful man. Not only an angler himself but also a man with a vision, and the ability to produce his very own quality tackle, beautifully made with his bare hands. And all of them made here in the U.K.

Above are a few images of the making of these quality items,


    They are of wooden construction; Russian pine, which is pretty tough stuff.

They are all 'through-wired' for strength. Stainless steel, of course.

Two-part tough epoxy coated.

All plugs are test-swam.



The hooks are superb, they are V.M.C (as used by ABU & Rapala) but their new 7556TI  'Spark-Point' trebles, very sharp!

And the price for these delightful hand crafted items:

             £20 each for them, plus postage, which is £3 per order, regardless of number of plugs ordered.

 As mentioned, these excellent items are not available through myself , but would all interested buyers please contact Jim direct on his email

Now I am lucky enough to have been sent a sample, and I have to say the quality of build and finish is fantastic and they are even signed with the makers name. Please do not hesitate to contact Jim who I'm sure, be only too happy to talk with you about your requirements, this is definitely his speciality and not mine....